I and my husband - we discovered that we were following some kind of a routine that most couples fall into - same day is followed by the same day, work hard and sleep ... But hey? Where is the fun and the passion of life, we used to share when we were younger ?
…Because I love the spiritual Energy of stones, I started studying the properties of crystals and then creating spiritual stone jewelry as a hobby way back in 2012. I made the first jewel as a gift for my husband and because he received so many compliments for the bracelet ( actually is Bestseller on Etsy and ebay :)) , I started made more. In 2015 we decided to leave a big city and our little Law firm - which are not upon our soul -- and to do exclusive our passions and live in a small beautiful touristic city, Gyula in Hungary, in peace and healthier, close to nature with our saved animals-- a lot of cats, dogs and even birds and we became also vegetarians :) .

We have 3 great passions - to save abandoned animals, to live close to nature and to work with gemstones and this is what we live for...a part of our familysome of our lovely family

On 2015 we opened the first shop on "A little market "(France) and on 2017 we moved our store on ETSY and on Ebay. Because we must payed a lot commission to this sites, we decided to open our own website to assure prices more attractive to our customers.Me and my husband we design, make, curate, photograph, edit, list, pack, ship all the items with love.

In an extremely technological reality, man tends to forget why the earth is often called "Mother Earth". The reason is simple because how a mother feeds us she cares for and protects us. It nourishes us when it welcomes a seed and transforms it into food for us, it cures us with its medicinal herbs and protects us with its crystals charged with its primordial energy. Crystals that intervene by aligning our energy and facilitating care, in fact crystals are not the cure but contribute to success by eliminating energy impediments. Wearing a stone always gives protection and choosing the right stone for the moment you live is a valid help to facilitate our path. We are not always able to understand the energy dynamics, but we know that we are facing an ancient mystery, in fact it is from ancient times that man uses stones and crystals for his well-being.
This is a mystery that has always fascinated me and it is for this reason that I decided to create jewelry with stones and crystals. Of each stone I explain in meaning and properties and choose the stone after I receive the order, then that stone is intended for you. 
 ..Every single pieces is handmade and magical, made by me at order and I choose every stone carefully. All pieces are crafted with the utmost attention to detail and authenticity. Crystals and gemstones have their own unique powers and properties, and I incorporate them into my designs to help open your chakras and release blockages.

I put all my heart on creations, and I hope that who wear them, it will be really happy. I feel love for all of our artwork, of designs, proud of creating them! 

I design, make, curate, photograph, edit, list,pack also made the marketing.  My dear husband help me so much with packages and shipping and with what I need..and he and some of my cats are my top model .:)

I love taking custom orders and working with clients to create something truly special. If you have any questions or special requests, please don't hesitate to contact me.
Our goal is to provide you with a high quality, original piece of fine jewelry that will last for many years....Your happiness is our happiness....
We are beyond grateful to our customers who have made our dream possible and help us to save more abandoned animals...some of our PHOTOMODELS :)
My inspiration to creating is Nature, energy of Gemstones and the Spirituality, because we are from beautiful Transylvania !
..♥ All items are realized with love from our heart, thank you so very much everyone who admire our work and your orders are deeply appreciated.
THANK YOU for visiting our little family shop.