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Men BRACELET AQUAMARINE Hematite Lava protection abundance stone handmade bracelet men gift

Men BRACELET AQUAMARINE Hematite Lava protection abundance stone handmade bracelet men gift


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Men BRACELET elegant, sexy and boho, with fine semiprecious stones, Aquamarine - raw stone and heishi and tiny faceted  Aquamarine, black faceted and twist Hematite - it is delivered in a beautiful gift wrapping
…the SIZE of BRACELET -you can order from 7 to 9 inch ( strung on a strong double stretch cord) -Please select your SIZE.

Please message us if You want to order another dimension. To know your size: measure your wrist and add 1 cm (according to your comfort).

…❤ Great gift for couple,best friend or family!
.....You can order in our store 1 or 2 matching bracelets/necklaces  so You can wear a beautiful Complete JEWELRY SET or set for couple, with price reduction created Especially for You!
you have more option for the Style :

- bracelet style 1 -raw stone and heishi and tiny faceted  Aquamarine, black faceted and twist Hematite 

- bracelet style 2 - with Aquamarine 8mm,Lava square, heishi silver and black hematite ;

Please Select Your STYLE !(with photo)

♥ Warranty FOR LIFE : damaged items can be fixed free of charge, if buyer pays all the shipping fees ( re-sent only with tracking number and after message us ) and for missing elements made in completing;Crafting is on us!

The beauty, healing and spiritual POWER OF CRYSTALS have been long recognized and used for their unique and special properties. Each stone is unique and being natural can have beautiful natural imperfections !

With its colours of the sea, it is calming, relaxing and helps soothe the heart and mind from emotional trauma. It links the heart and throat chakra to help speak your personal truth, and is said to aid confidence when speaking in front of people.
March Birthstone Chakras: Throat & Heart Chakras
Zodiacs: Aries, Gemini, Pisces

❤ HEMATITE-stone for the mind and businessman talisman
Hematite helps to protect against negative energies, shielding the wearer from external negativity and enhancing inner strength and courage. Is excellent for the mind, as it stimulates focus, enhancing concentration and memory recall. It stimulates the brain, improving our mental organization and logical thought - and it even encourages original thinking. It balances the body, stabilizing our equilibrium and helping both ethereal and physical systems remain aligned. The hematite is known as the "blood stone". It is intended to stimulate the formation of blood and hemostatic effect. He is a rejuvenator and gives strength, vitality and vibrancy. This stone will aid in visualization and imagery- can attract what you think. Magnetic therapy is the idea that magnets increase circulation, blood flow, and oxygen in a specific area in the body, stimulate the brain and affects the pineal gland.. Increased blood flow can help to relieve pain and stiffness, especially if your joints, back, or muscles are swollen or injured. Many individuals with arthritis and other chronic pain conditions report relief from magnet therapy; Wearers of magnetic jewelry tell that it has helped them with: respiration problems, back pain, poor circulation, varicose Veins, Migraine and Headaches, stress and anxiety, Arthritis, period pain Rheumatism. Besides being strong and therapeutic,

Lava is considered a good tool for grounding and protection, helping us get connected to the earth. Because it comes from raw energy, Lava stones are considered to be a stone of rebirth and shedding unneeded layers of emotional attachment. Spiritually, Lava stones are great for stabilizing and grounding the root chakra. Lava stone transmits its natural energy that overcomes fatigue and stress, relaxes the nervous system. It allows the mind to rest, brings emotional balance, naturally finds the balance of yin and yang energies. It delivers and removes all the negative feelings and emotions from us to achieve perfection from generosity to wisdom. Lava stones are also used as a folk remedy for infertility and libido.
Aromatherapy jewels~ How to use diffuser jewelry~ place a small amount of essential oil on 1-3 of the lava beads.

displayed in the picture may be slightly different than the real product due to your computer configuration.

In order to keep your lovely jewelry in perfect condition, I always advise keeping items out of contact with any chemicals, strong perfumes or water. Is not recommend swimming, showering, sleeping or bathing whilst wearing jewelry. It may damage the stones and metal component parts and will shorten the lifespan of the product.
– To make your jewelry shine and look amazing, we recommend you gently wipe your jewelry with a soft cloth to retain its shine and luster.

Also when you put your bracelet on or when you take it off, please ROLL it don't pull it.

...This is a stunning jewelry that works well for all occasions, styles, and ages, and will be a piece of jewelry that can be wear each and everyday! .
...♥ All items are realized with love from my heart, thank you so very much everyone who admire my works and your orders are deeply appreciated. 
Thank you for visiting our shop.

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