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Men Earring AQUAMARINE stone & black Hematite stone, Dangle Hoop/ clip on black, stone, Handmade earring men gift

Men Earring AQUAMARINE stone & black Hematite stone, Dangle Hoop/ clip on black, stone, Handmade earring men gift


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Gorgeous  Hoop or clip on earring stainless steel -  with beautiful natural AQUAMARINE stone & black Hematite wave heishi- a jewelry that brings good luck and prosperity - is a great gift idea or a special treat for yourself. (delivered in a nice packaging for gift )
…❤ Great gift for couple,best friend or family!
.....You have more option and can order 1 or 2 matching earrings, so You can wear a beautiful Complete JEWELRY SET or set for couple, with price reduction created Especially for You!..

The price is for 1 earring. For 2 or more you have price reduction.

You have more option/style :

- style 1 -1 earring AQUAMARINE stone & black Hematite
- style 2 - 1 earring AQUAMARINE stone, black Hematite and black pyramide
- style 3 - 1 earring AQUAMARINE stone, black Hematite and black spike

 You have more option for the material/shape of earrings :
- hoop stainless steel 
- hoop clip on non piercing Stainless Steel
You can find in our store also the variant with spike.
(please select your style)

Warranty FOR LIFE : damaged items can be fixed free of charge, if buyer pays all the shipping fees( re-sent only with tracking number and after message us ) and for missing elements made in completing; Crafting is on us !

...The beauty and POWER OF CRYSTALS and stones have been long recognized. They are not only enjoyed for their beauty but also for their healing and spiritual power. Crystals have been long used for their unique and special properties.

In the language of gemstones, aquamarine represents happiness, hope and everlasting youth. In ancient times, aquamarine was thought to protect those at sea. It was believed to make sailors fearless and safe from adversaries .
Its metaphysical properties benefit in psychic ability, courage, communication, peace and purification. Therefore it is beneficial for shy and introverts and who hesitate in communicating as it makes them gain confidence and brings a change in their personality.
Aquamarine is the birth stone for the month of March and is connected with the zodiac sign Pisces. It is also suitable for Taurus, Virgo and Gemini for astrological benefits. Aquamarine is believed to eliminate flaws caused by Saturn, Venus, Moon and Mercury. Moreover, it is closely associated with the throat chakra According to legend, mythical mermaids held the bright blue rock as a treasure. From this legend, as well as the stone's appearance, stems the belief that aquamarine is the lucky stone of sailors.The Aquamarine symbolizes youth, love, and hope. If your birthstone is Aquamarine, you are protective and love being around family with a spirited, adventurous soul that glitters with passion.

-stone for the mind and businessman talisman
Hematite helps to protect against negative energies, shielding the wearer from external negativity and enhancing inner strength and courage. Is excellent for the mind, as it stimulates focus, enhancing concentration and memory recall. It stimulates the brain, improving our mental organization and logical thought - and it even encourages original thinking. It balances the body, stabilizing our equilibrium and helping both ethereal and physical systems remain aligned. The hematite is known as the "blood stone". It is intended to stimulate the formation of blood and hemostatic effect. He is a rejuvenator and gives strength, vitality and vibrancy. This stone will aid in visualization and imagery- can attract what you think. Magnetic therapy is the idea that magnets increase circulation, blood flow, and oxygen in a specific area in the body, stimulate the brain and affects the pineal gland.. Increased blood flow can help to relieve pain and stiffness, especially if your joints, back, or muscles are swollen or injured.

- Care instructions -
Is not recommend swimming, showering, sleeping or bathing whilst wearing jewelry. It may damage the stones and metal component parts and will shorten the lifespan of the product.   To make your jewelry shine and look amazing, we recommend you gently wipe your jewelry with a soft cloth to retain its shine and luster

Comfortable and chic, these earrings match with everything and can be worn for any occasion. Hypo-allergenic, lightweight and minimalist,  these earrings are a fresh alternative to your average studs. If you have multiple piercings, create your own minimalist ear party by mixing and matching them with some of your other favorite

….Our jewelry are the best accessories for every outfit and every occasion and sophisticated enough for the city and casual enough for an island vacation !

...♥ All items are realized with love from my heart, thank you so very much everyone who admire my works and your orders are deeply appreciated. 
Thank you for visiting our shop.

Thank you for visiting our shop

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